The Armoury’s 6 Week Online Personal Training Package gives you an expert coach by you side to hit your goals, no matter where you are in the world (or what equipment you have available to you)


Our online Personal Training is ideal for men and women that want the greatest return out of their training efforts, but can’t make it into our Private Studio in Milton Keynes. Our system ensures you have an expert coach in your pocket every step of the way, meaning no more wasted workouts and diet mistakes, just consistent, guided results


  • Your Transformation Roadmap- where you and your coach will work together to break down your long term goals into step-by-step targets, to ensure consistent, life-changing results
  • A Bespoke Training Programme, designed around your aims and lifestyle, to ensure every session you complete is bringing you closer to your goals (all delivered with an easy-to-use app)
  • Exclusive access to The Armoury Coaching Academy- your online platform that gives you all the additional tools you need to win at life- from recipe books, to follow along mobility and yoga video and nutrition coaching modules to accelerate your results even further, we’ve got your back every step of the way
  • Weekly check-ins and programme adjustments from your coach so you never get stuck in a plateau again


Want to see if our Online Coaching is the right approach for you? We offer a zero-obligation coaching call so you can have peace of mind in your choice. To grab your slot, or ask any questions you might have- just fill in your details below:


Is This Training, Or Nutrition?

Both! getting great results replies upon both expertly programmed workouts and looking at dietary adjustments. This is how we’ve created a customizable system that’s so effective at helping men and women get such impressive results over the years (without boring training sessions, or bland diets)

​How is the training delivered?

All of our training is delivered directly to your phone via our coaching app. You’ll be given step by step guidance on how to use it, and it an intuitive design with video tutorials on the movement and an easy interface that allows your coach to monitor the progress you’re making.

What Kind of results can I expect to see over the 6 weeks?

Some of our most impressive transformations to date have come from our Online Clients. The flexibility to train on your own schedule with a programme that’s bespoke and adjusted to your needs alongside the nutrition guidance within the Armoury Academy means within 6 weeks you can expect to be leaner, stronger, healthier and more confident with your physique than any programme of gym membership alone that you’ve tried before

​How Do I know if it’s right for me?

Our Online Coaching Package has been designed to give you every tool you need to take the guesswork out of getting into the best shape of your life

The best way to know if it will be just as effective for you as it has been and is all the men and women it’s already helped? Fill in your details on the form above and we’ll get in contact to set up your private video call, we’ll have a chat to see whether it’ll be a good fit, then go from there

Looking back at your transformation over in 12 weeks time? You’ll be very glad you did