The Armoury’s Six Week Transformation Challenge helps Milton Keynes’ busy men and women get in the best shape of their life, fall in love with training and become part of a fitness community WITHOUT banning foods or taking the fun out of the process…
We're still coaching 1-2-1 all through the national lockdown via Zoom & outdoors - scroll down to see how our clients are getting amazing results getting safely coached while obeying COVID-safe rules!


The Armoury's 6 Week Transformation Challenge is perfect for those that want fast results, don't want to bounce back, and are seeking a fun, group environment that makes them actually enjoy training, rather than thinking of it as a chore (yes, that really is possible)


  • Your Transformation Roadmap- where you and your coach will work together to break down your long term goals into step-by-step targets, even in our group coaching, we cater our approach to your needs on a 1-2-1 basis
  • 3 x Small Group Coaching Sessions a week in our private coaching facility (or via Zoom!), you’ll be put through your paces in a safe, supportive environment where exercises are adjusted and recorded based off your progress for long-term results- There are only 6 spaces in each session so you get the benefits of individual attention AND the supportive atmosphere of the group
  • 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching to ensure all the work you’re putting in at the studio? Is reflected by your results. Without the restrictive diets or strict eating regimes- take back control and make progress on your terms, with our expert, non-judgemental guidance
  • Exclusive access to The Armoury Coaching Academy- your online platform that gives you all the additional tools you need to win at life- from recipe books, to follow along mobility and yoga video, we’ve got your back every step of the way
  • Athlete Check-ins every 6-8 weeks to review exactly where we’re at compared to our vision set within the Transformation Roadmap- so  we can keep you 100% on track, and make any adjustments we need so life never gets in the way of you and your goals again
  • Our 100% money back guarantee – if you attend your sessions, follow our nutrition suggestions and don’t hit the targets we set in our goal setting session? You get a complete refund on your investment. Yes, Really.


Want to see if our Small Group Coaching is the right approach for you? We offer a zero-obligation trial session so you can have peace of mind in your choice. To grab your slot, or ask any questions you might have- just fill in your details below:


The same way we don't do generic training? We don't do generic results. The truth is even with our Group Coaching, we customise your programming and nutrition approach so that your progress will be based off your goals. We've had clients boast about dropping dress sizes, fitting into suit jackets they haven't even attempted since before they got married, feeling elated they can keep up with their kids and grandkids, or finally being able to put on muscle after years of frustration. It's not our job as the number one personal trainers in Milton Keynes to tell you your goal- it's simply our role to get you there (and we're damn good at that part)


The Six Week Transformation Challenge includes 1-2-1 goals setting and nutrition coaching, 3 x weekly Small Group Coaching Sessions in our private studio, access to the Armoury Coaching Academy membership site AND a money back guarantee if you don't get the results we agree upon (yes, really) You investment for the above is £247, with the option afterwards to continue on a month to month basis (with zero sticky, long-term contracts, because we don't believe in them)


Due to the current national lockdown, our physical Studio is currently closed- however we're still delivering world class Small Group Coaching to ensure you can put your health first when it's most important

All Small Group sessions are delivered via Zoom, so you're able to get the Armoury advantage right from your living room!

Your health & fitness is our priority, so if you feel ready to take action and leave this lockdown in better physical and mental shape than you entered it? Claim your trial session above, and we'll get in touch


How is this different from a normal gym exercise class or bootcamp?

Your Six Week Transformation Challenge is personal training in a small group environment

Which means all your training plans are customized and recorded for progression week to week, you get 1-2-1 support and nutrition guidance, and your results are regularly monitored to keep you on track

Think of it as Personal Training, highly qualified and experienced coaches, and with a whole community in your corneror bland diets)

​Do you give me a strict diet to follow?

Our nutrition coaching works off the “teach a person to fish” model, rather than the outdated premise of strict periods of dieting. The fact is, you can drink beer and wine, and enjoy a social life with BBQs and meals out with friends AND get amazing results

​It’s just down to understanding the balance needed to still make progress without being miserable. Our nutrition coaching approach allows us to look at what you’re doing, and make adjustments from there for long-term results without the frustration and bounce back that traditional diets bring

I've never lifted weights before, will this be right for me?

Lifting weights is the most effective way for you to train for physique improvements, increasing your strength, boosting your joint health, creating a toned & athletic frame, decreasing daily aches and pains and making the most from the time you’re investing into training – But it can be intimidating to learn, especially in a normal big commercial gym

Our Transformation Challenge gives you the perfect environment to learn the ropes the right way, working 1-2-1 with an experienced and friendly coach, in an group of men and women that are rooting for each other to win, and have your back every step of the way

I've lifted for years, will I gain much from this programme?

The greatest athletes in the world have coaches- a network and support term to ensure they make the most of the efforts they’re putting in

Progression is built into the fabric of our small group programming, so your coach will be able to help you navigate and overcome training plateaus in an supportive environment

Plus training aside, we’ve seen the most experience lifters results sky-rocket once they made the simple dietary changes that were suggested in their 1-2-1 nutrition session (included as standard, in all transformation packages)

How long does it take to see results

In terms of outlook and energy? Many of our clients feel the difference after just one week of making their health a priority, noting the drop in afternoon lethargy, and can already feel the impact that positive momentum is having on their body

It’s generally around that 4-5 week mark however that a solid, physical difference begins to show. Whether it’s a notch or two down on the belt buckle, jeans no longer digging into the stomach, or being able to pick your kids up overhead without shoulder pain or groaning. Another month on from there? And you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve

How do I know if this is the right fit for me

​The Armoury Coaching Studio was designed from the ground up with one thing in mind- getting men and women to finally achieve their health goals, and allow them to fit fitness back into their lives

There’s a reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee- and that’s because the transformation process we follow works, and we want you to feel completely confident you’re making the right choice

Because in 6 weeks time, when your jeans are fitting looser and you’re feeling stronger, more energetic and higher in confidence? You’ll be very glad that you took action, scrolled up, and applied for your free trial.